Date : 2021-10-14

A Will is a valid disposition by a living person to take effect after the death of his disposable property. But in law ultima volutes in scripts is used, where lands or tenements are devised and Testamentum, when it concerns the chattels.

Creation of Will:

Life is uncertain, no one knows when the uncertain thing happens, Creation of will helps you and your family to protect from an uncertain future. Will is one of most important work which an individual can do for his /her family and heirs. A Will legally speaks for a person who cannot speak for him /herself because of his condition or trauma, his last wish translates into will.

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Registration of Will

It provides legal document legal evidence against all challenges about the mental capacity of the testator to make a will. It reduces the chances of being challenged as a forgery. It is pertinent to note that will is a Registered Will. In the absence of any serious challenge regarding registration, it is presumed that will register after complying with all the statutory formalities.

It is a piece of evidence confirming its genuineness and conferring it a higher degree of sanctity.

How Does Registration Help?

Registration helps the family when someone challenges the authenticity of will resulting in court intervention to prove the genuineness of the will.

Our Services:

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