About Us

ELT Corporate Pvt. Ltd. is a leading consultancy firm offering an extensive range of “Succession” services in PAN India like drafting of a will, probate services, will custodianship, and disputes/ litigation for Will matters. The ELT group has a team of experienced lawyers to provide various kinds of services for Indians, NRIs, and foreigners having properties in India. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in holistic and individually tailored client-centric plans to achieve your objectives. 

ELT Estate Planning Expert:

Our company is affiliated with the Indian Institute of Succession Inheritance Planning (IISIP) भारतीयउत्तराधिकारऔरविरासतयोजनासंस्थान – NPO for disseminating systematic education of estate planning for empowering professionals, industry, helping government agencies and its various stakeholders.

We have a team of professionals specialized in different kind of laws in estate planning like Muslim law governing Muslims in India, Indian Succession Act governing Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain in India, taxation laws under Income Tax Act, 1961, and laws related to registration under Registration Act, 1908.

We offer:

We provide unique and innovative services as per the client’s desire either online consultancy or doorstep service or visit our office. Our team helps you formulate effectively, customized solutions to transfer your assets and business to the people whom you love. 

We conduct various lectures and seminars about Will/ Estate Planning to educate citizens, clear myths, and the importance of Will/ Estate Planning at any age, guidance on how to make a Will.

  • Will Creation
  • Probation of Will
  • Will Custodianship
  • Appointment of Executor
  • Legal Heir Certificate
  • Succession Certificate

Why ELT?

  • Will related services in PAN India;
  • Our team of experts is specialized in various kinds of laws related to Estate Planning;
  • Will and Family succession services have done expeditiously;
  • Serving our clients for over many years;
  • Will safekeeping is one of our key services;
  • We’ll guide you through the process of execution;
  • We deal in litigation of will and family succession matters.